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our ep „flucht nach vorn“ is sold out at builtonfriendship records
we got some left
and today the 2nd press of our 7inches „zug um zug“
will be arrive at adagio830 in berlin
so we have them at the cry me a river next week

also check this out:

its the first show
in a new venue called „livingroom“ we are setting up
so come around and have fun

sven still.lebens grandma is great

she came to him and saied
„hey i have in mind that you have done something with fargo
so i brought you this…“
fargo sparbeutel

here is a flyer from the cry me a river fest i found on the internet:

and here are some pictures from our last rehearsalroom show

recording day V

bass is done so far
sounds heavy :]

so its just svens vocals and the last guitars to do

video update

here is the first video of us what i found in the www