we repressed the FARGO zug um zug 7″
this time on various weird colors and a nice new handmade booklet.
200 got made: click

also check out the zann repress

and our friends in mio got some very nice new tunes up on their myspace:

have fun!
and a big thank you to robert from adagio830 again
thunbs up!


…for the zug um zug repress are finaly done
thanks to kira again
looking awesome:

i not dance

flyer for our upcoming show in wiesbaden

cry me a river is over

thanks so much to sabine & lars for everything!
it was a stressy and warm but awesome time
we had a lot of fun with the hammers dudes and everybody else
great food and john from zann got a bloody face while kissing the bass

robert brought us our new 7″s
looking awesome
the pressing plant surprised us once again
but this time with awesome colored vinyl (we ordered black)
some covers and the booklets are missing
but that will be made in a couple days (hopefully)

andi from builtonfriendship found this video on the world wide web:

24h till cry me a river

counting down and getting ready…
like always – things are going wrong
so our driver canceled 2days ago
seems to be the running-joke already

and désordre ordonné got our tapes ready
cant wait to see them